Best study destination in Canada

We think it’s Kelowna BC. Here’s why:

Credit: Tourism Kelowna

Not too big, not too small – just right!

Kelowna is BC’s 3rd largest metropolitan area after Vancouver and Victoria, with a population of 195,000. It’s one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities. Most of the population growth comes from people moving to Kelowna from other places in Canada. Kelowna has everything you like to enjoy in a city:

  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Recreation
  • Urban transit
  • Major hospital and other health care
  • A university, a post-secondary college, English colleges
  • Theatres, plays, concerts

At the same time, its size makes it fun, safe and unstressful. Visitors from bigger cities often comment on how friendly Kelowna is.

Credit: Kelowna Now


Why all the Canadians moving to Kelowna? Yup. The weather is a little un-Canadian: warm, dry summers and mild winters that are shorter than is typical in Canada. Between December or January and March, there’s beautiful dry snow so you can ski, snowboard and enjoy other winter activities, then spring is on the way!

October 2019 Credit: VanWest College Kelowna

If English immersion is your goal…

…then Kelowna is the place to study. Canada is a richly multi-cultural country, with many languages spoken. If your focus is on English immersion in all parts of your daily life, the best opportunity is in a city with a high proportion of people whose first language is English.

  • Kelowna 87% of residents speak English as their native language

Compare to:

  • Vancouver 57%
  • Toronto 56%
  • Montreal 13% (French as a first language 66%)

Source Canada census 2016

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