Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada

Wondering where to study English? Here are 5 good reasons to study in Canada!

  • Get the best education in English

Canada has an excellent education system. Check out Canada’s score in this ranking of 70 countries: it’s the only English-speaking country in the top 10.

Text Box: Source:
  • Get the most for your money

The cost of living is lower in Canada than in the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

  • Quality of life

Canada is the highest-ranked English-speaking country for 2019:

Text Box: Source:
U.S. News & World Report’s “Overall Best Countries Ranking 2019”
  • Value

Where can your money buy the most? At the time of writing

  • 1 Canadian dollar costs 2,587 COP, 14.62 MXN, or .69 EUR
  • 1 US dollar costs 3,428 COP, 19.37 MXN, or .90 EUR
  • 1 British pound costs 4,407 COP, 24.71 MXN, or 1.16 EUR.
  • Safety

Canada is famous for being friendly and safe. A compilation of safety data by SafeAround found Canada in 7th place world-wide, second only to New Zealand for English-speaking countries.

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